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Training or competence? Competency means the ability for usage both knowledge and skills. This ability may be the decisive factor between success and defeat. With competent employees organisations operate more effective which leads finally to efficiency.

Since purchased part quality is one of the most important factor in manufaturing, the selection, qualification, monitoring and development process over suppliers is essential for business success.

Valid information and data are key for the top management for decision making. One source of these information is the effective and professional audits.

Time is money! Why should you find out existing processes and methods if they are already developed and proven in use?

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A SMANAG a legmegfelelőbb eszköz a személyre szabott

szervezeti sikermenedzsment számára.

Tervezheti, működtetheti és irányíthatja a folyamatait és tevékenységeit

értéknövelő módon, figyelembe véve a vonatkozó

nemzetközi irányítási szabványokat,

a vevők és más érdekelt felek követelményeit.


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